Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer 2010

Oh my goodness where has time gone? The summer over already? Can that seriously be?

I must say in retrospect that I honestly believe that this was one of the best summers that I can remember in a long time.

Of course, it was ballgames, ballgames, and more ballgames, but what great ballgames they were. All four kids played ball this summer as usual. I will never forget the summer several years back when I looked at Vic and said, "Why don't we just take the summer off from ball this year?" (In my head I was thinking of all of the things we could do if we weren't tied down to ballgames.) The look on his face was horrendous. You would have thought I just asked him to go rob a bank with me! LOL Needless to say I never suggested it again.

Megan had an interesting summer. Last year as an 8 year old in softball they played coach pitch. She told me last year that she wanted to pitch and would take herself outside and practice what she had learned from watching pitching instructional videos on youtube for hours. I was amazed at her dedication. Well, this year she took some pitching lessons and jumped right in! I LOVED LOVED LOVED watching her pitch! She really did a wonderful job considering she was only a nine year old in the nine/ten year old league. She played on both her league team and a traveling team. In fact, we took an awesome short trip to OK City to watch the ASA USA championship game. It was Jennie Finch's last game with the USA team. It was AWESOME!

Brady and Vic of course did the baseball thing. The league was WONDERFUL! If I remember correctly they only lost one game. Brady was a guru on the mound and as always a joy to watch. His mellow demeanor when he pitches is just a sight to behold. Sometimes when it is a stressfull situation and I am pacing all over I look out on the mound and marvel at his calmness.

Tori played as usual and did great! She has an amazing arm and a great bat most of the time. She made the varsity softball team this year as a freshman. I couldn't have been prouder.

Aubrey played also and would have to get my vote for most improved! She had some nice hits and just really did a good job! Unfourtanately it seems that it is always her age group that gets shorted on games for some reason and so she didn't get in as many games as she would have liked.

Vic and Brady have takin a liking to fishing down below the Grand River Dam. There always seems to be a lot of fish caught everytime we go. Yesterday was Vic's birthday and it was so fun to go over to Grandma Wall's house where she fried us up some of the fish that Vic and Brady had caught. She is an amazing woman that can cook like no other! Of course Vic had to comment repeatedly how good it was to have a home cooked meal. Hint Hint! I think he forgets though that everytime I cook they scream NO MORE PLEASE! LOL

Vic has worked all summer long in the 100 degree heat. I am amazed by him and his dedication and hard work. I have no idea how he does it! I know that I wouldn't be able to do 1/10th of what he does.

Vic and the gang took a couple of weeks off the last few weeks while his dad went to Sturgis. So, we loaded up the whole family, yep...all seven of us, and went to Branson for some much needed R & R! Nolan drove his new jeep, so it was nice having two vehicles. We got adjoining rooms for the first time so that everyone didn't have to cram together in one little room. It made the relaxation part of the hotel soooo much better! Brady, Tori, and Aubrey rode the rip cord! Screams were a plenty! LOL Of course we had to make a go of the go-carts or it just wouldn't have been a trip to Branson. We did the Silver Dollar City day, but it was just so hot and crowded it wasn't my favorite time. However, they were open until 10 o'clock, and stupid me listened to my son. Brady talked me into riding the Powderkeg with him in the first car. Mind you it is pitch black and the track was not lit in anyway. So, it was honestly the scariest ride I have ever been on. I talked like I had a frog in my throat for three days after I screamed so much. Great times! White Water was a new experience for the kids. It was also open to 10, and unlike SDC, the later it got the less people there were. So, there was virtually no waiting in line for rides and once again we rode them in the dark which made them that more exciting! Also, because it was late it was cool which made everything more bearable. We shopped a little bit while there, but it was so stinking hot it just took all of the enjoyment out of it. Our big splurge was our ride in the helicopter. It was fun and really gave the kids something to talk about. We wound up staying five days and hated to have to come home. (Even though we did miss our dog, Johnson, and our cat, Millie.)

School starts later this year. I start back on Friday the 20th, and the kids start back on Tuesday the 24th. It has given us some downtime between ballgames and school. I have LOVED it! It has really revived us all I believe. My philosophy this year is that I am really ready for once to go back to school. However, I just wish that it started at noon!

Brady started jr. high football practice this week. Aubrey started jr. high volleyball practice this week. Tori started high school volleyball practice this week. Tori, Aubrey, and Megan are all cheering for football this year. Tori at the high school, Aubrey at the jr. high where I am her cheer sponsor, and Megan for the Mini Lancer football team which I am proud of her for making co-captain of the 5th and 6th grade squad. Megan is also playing in a fall softball league. She just wasn't ready for the season to end.

So, as you can see, the craziness has once again begun! :-) But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I keep telling myself that someday I will miss this!


eduka2b said...

I duplicated some pictures...But it is very late and I am going to just be a rebel and not take the time to go back and fix it! :-)

Mike Martz said...

Hey Mary!! I was surfing blogs to find info on family Branson trips and stumbled upon yours. Cute blog I must say. My 3 sons, hubby, and myself are planning to go between Christmas and New Years. Any suggestions on hotels and attractions?!?


eduka2b said...

:-) How fun! We LOVE Branson! As far as hotels it really depends on what you are looking for. We like to stay at the Caprice Classic. It is nothing special and old, but it is cheap, which leaves us more money to spend on other things while we are there. It is clean and that is all I need. It has an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. It also has a restaurant right there on site that has an all you can eat breakfast that is awesome for only $5. They also have a couple of hotels that have indoor water parks. We have stayed at the Grand Country Inn a few times...The kids like the indoor water park. Lots of times when you go to eat breakfast some of the perfomers will come around and do mini performances and hand out discount coupons for their shows. There is a magic guy that comes around and went to his show and liked it. Silver Dollar City at Christmas is supposed to be spectacular. I've always wanted to go, but we just haven't gotten there. (There is a cave tour at SDC that is really great that is included in your ticket price.)